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Rescue and Protection System for Underground Mine Workers based on Zigbee (Electronics Project)

This paper addresses an economical, supple, continuous monitoring system of underground mine worker’s protection and security. A module of MEMS based sensors are used for monitoring underground parameters as per the requirement of the user and automating sequence of measuring data through digital wireless communication system is projected with high precision, soft control and reliability.

A microcontroller based system is used for collecting and storing data and making  decision accordingly, based on which the mine worker is informed through different alarm tone as well as voice system. The voice system with both microphone and speaker, converted into digital signal and successfully communicate wirelessly with the ground control centre computer system.

The communication system is reliable based on ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4 standard. This is used for transmission between the hardware circuit fitted with the mine workers and the ground control centre computer system through some routers.
Source: Journalshub
Author: Tanmoy Maity | Partha sarathi Das | Mithu Mukherjee

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