Optimally Fuel Efficient Speed Adaptation (Electronics/Electrical Project)

An optimal velocity trajectory for a heavy duty vehicle, obtained with the aid of modern GPS and digital map devices, depends on several variables. Curvature speed limitations, road grade, and posted road speed are common constraints imposed by the road travelled. This project presents a method for Continue reading

A 65nm, Low Voltage, Fully Differential, SC Programmable Gain Amplifier for Video AFE (ECE/EEE Project)

Due to rapid growth of home entertainment consumer market, video technology has been continuously pushed to deliver sharper pictures with higher resolution. This has brought about stringent requirements on the video analog front end, which often coupled with the low power and low voltage Continue reading

Ultra-fast Optical Signal Processing For Digital Communications Using All-Optical Nonlinear Interactions In Semiconductor Optical Waveguides (Electronics Project)

In optical communications, clock recovery, optical time demultiplexing, and 3R regeneration are known as optical signal processing. Ultra-fast optical signal processing techniques are mandatory in Continue reading

Design of Small Photovoltaic(PV) Solar-Powered Water Pump System (Electronics Project)

The intent of this technical publication is to provide general guidance on the design of small solar-powered water pump systems for use with livestock operations or irrigation systems. This document provides a review of the basic elements of electricity, a description of the Continue reading