Electrical and Optical Characteristics of InP Nanowires based p-i-n Photodetectors (Electronics Project)

Photodetectors are a kind of semiconductor devices that convert incoming light to an electrical signal. Photodetectors are classified based on their different structure, fabrication technology, applications and different sensitivity. Infrared photodetectors are widely used in many applications such as Continue reading

Particle Filtering for Track Before Detect Applications (Electrical Project)

Integrated tracking and detection, based on unthresholded measurements, also referred to as track before detect (TBD) is a hard nonlinear and non-Gaussian dynamical estimation and detection problem. However, it is a technique that enables the user to track and detect targets that would be Continue reading

Design and Implementation of a Module Generator for Low Power Multipliers (Electronics Project)

Multiplication is an important part of real-time system applications. Various hardware parallel multipliers used in such applications have been proposed. However, when the operand sizes of the multipliers and the process technology need to be changed, the Continue reading

Development and integration of a control system for flexible grippers (Computer/Robotics Project)

Various robotic grippers support or even replace human beings on particular tasks, for example, different industrial applications. However, in some cases complex tasks are required and specifications of the industrial gripper should be more advanced. The adjustment for Continue reading

A Comparison of Circuit Implementations from a Security Perspective (Electrical Project)

In the late 90′s research showed that all circuit implementations were susceptible to power analysis and that this analysis could be used to extract secret information. Further research to counteract this new threat by adding Continue reading

Fuel Pressure Modelling in a Common-Rail Direct Injection System (Mechanical/Electrical Project)

The fuel pressure is one of the central control variables of a modern common-rail injection system. It influences the generation of nitrous oxide and particulate matter emissions, the brake specific fuel consumption of Continue reading

Modeling of the arterial system with an AVD implanted (Electrical/Biomedical Project)

The number of patients that are waiting for heart transplants far exceed the number of available donor hearts. Left Ventricular Assist Devices are mechanical alternatives that can help and are helping several patients. They work by taking blood from the left Continue reading

LEAP, A Platform for Evaluation of Control Algorithms (Electronics/Computer Project)

Most people are familiar with the BRIO labyrinth game and the challenge of guiding the ball through the maze. The goal of this project was to use this game to create a platform for evaluation of control algorithms. The platform was used to evaluate a few different Continue reading

Design of Static Demultiplexing for Digital-TV (Electronics Project)

All digital-TV receivers that are existent on the market today include some sort of a multiplexer which filters the data, the sound and the picture from the digital stream. These de-multiplexers are rather complex and general. The purpose of this study is to develop a de-multiplexer which would Continue reading

Design of PM Generator for Avertical Axis Wind Turbine (Electrical/Electronics Project)

The task in this project is to design a generator for a vertical axis wind turbine with power rated to 20kW at a wind speed of 10m/s. The design has just a few moving parts, which decreases maintenance costs and increases its toughness. The turbine absorbs wind from Continue reading