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Adhesion Measurements of Positive Photoresist on Sputtered Aluminium Surface (Electronics Project)

This study deals with different methods to improve the adhesion between sputtered aluminium and positive photoresist. Factors controlling the adhesion and different ways to measure the adhesion have been investigated. Different surface treatments prior to resist disposition have been Continue reading

Implementation of a Zero Aware SRAM Cell for a Low Power RAM Generator (Electronics Project)

In this work, an existing generator for layout of Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) is improved. The tool is completed with a block decoder, which was missing when the project started. A feature of generating schematic files is also added. The schematics are important to get Continue reading

Autonomous Pedestrian Collision Avoidance Using a Fuzzy Steering Controller (Electronics Project)

Collision avoidance is one of the most difficult and challenging automatic driving operations in the domain of intelligent vehicles. In emergency situations, human drivers are more likely to brake than to Continue reading

Video Stabilization and Rolling Shutter Correction using Inertial Measurement Sensors (Electronics/Computer Project)

Most mobile video-recording devices of today, e.g. cell phones and music players, make use of a rolling shutter camera. A rolling shutter camera captures video by recording every frame line-by-line from top to bottom of the image, leading to image distortions in Continue reading

Detection of Driver Unawareness Based on Long and Short-term Analysis of Driver Lane Keeping (Electronics Project)

Many traffic accidents are caused by driver unawareness. This includes fatigue, drowsiness and distraction. In this study two systems are described that could be used to decrease the number of accidents. In the first part of this study a system using long-term information to warn drivers suffering from Continue reading

SIP in an Interconnector and Service Provider Role (Electronics Project)

This project concerns the technical problems and solutions in the Telia Mobile’s Golden Gate Architecture. The Golden Gate project will bridge service control from the IPnetwork to the circuit switched network. Connecting the different users of PSTN, GSM, W-LAN, and GPRS networks together will require Continue reading