Enhanced Fingerprinting and Trajectory Prediction for IoT Localization in Smart Buildings (Electronics Project)


Location service is one of the primary services in smart automated systems of Internet of Things (IoT). For various location-based services, accurate localization has become a key issue. Recently, research on IoT localization systems for smart Continue reading

IOT based Theft Premption and Security System (Electronics Project)


Internet of things has been governing the electronics era with cloud services dominating the ever increasing electronics product segment. Security and safety Continue reading

Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Using Phase-Based Image Matching

A major approach for fingerprint recognition today is to extract minutiae from fingerprint images and to perform fingerprint matching based on the number of corresponding minutiae pairings. One of the most difficult problems in fingerprint recognition has been that the recognition performance is significantly influenced by fingertip surface condition, which may vary depending on environmental or personal causes.

Addressing this problem, this paper presents a fingerprint recognition algorithm using Continue reading