Design and Program Multi-Processor Platform for High-Performance Embedded Processing (Electronics Project)

Modern embedded markets call for high density computing ability, making it is difficult to use just one microprocessor to meet function requirements of high performance embedded systems. Multiple processors, including general-purpose Continue reading

A FPGA Embedded Web Server for Remote Monitoring and Control of Smart Sensors Networks (Electrical/Electronics Project)


This article describes the implementation of a web server using an embedded Altera NIOS II IP core, a general purpose and configurable RISC processor which is embedded in a Cyclone FPGA. The processor uses the μCLinux operating system to support Continue reading

A Hybrid FPGA-based System for EEG-and EMG-based Online Movement Prediction (Computer Project)


A current trend in the development of assistive devices for rehabilitation, for example exoskeletons or active orthoses, is to utilize physiological data to enhance their functionality and usability, for example by predicting the patient’s upcoming Continue reading

Real-Time and High-Accuracy Arctangent Computation Using CORDIC and Fast Magnitude Estimation (Electrical/Electronics Project)


This paper presents an improved VLSI (Very Large Scale of Integration) architecture for real-time and high-accuracy computation of trigonometric functions with fixed-point arithmetic, particularly arctangent using CORDIC Continue reading

A General-Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU)-Accelerated Robotic Controller Using a Low Power Mobile Platform (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Robotic controllers have to execute various complex independent tasks repeatedly. Massive processing power is required by the motion controllers to compute the solution of these computationally intensive algorithms. General-purpose graphics processing Continue reading

Embedded Implementation of VHR Satellite Image Segmentation (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Processing and analysis of Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite images provide a mass of crucial information, which can be used for urban planning, security issues or environmental monitoring. However, they are computationally expensive Continue reading

A Linked List-based Algorithm for Blob Detection on Embedded Vision-based Sensors (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Blob detection is a common task in vision-based applications. Most existing algorithms are aimed at execution on general purpose computers; while very few can be adapted to the computing restrictions present in embedded platforms. This paper focuses Continue reading