Real Time Implementation of Map Aided Positioning Using a Bayesian Approach (Electronics Project)

With the simple means of a digitized map and the wheel speed signals, it is possible to position a vehicle with an accuracy comparable to GPS. The positioning problem is a non-linear filtering problem and a particle filter has been Continue reading

GPS-based Attitude Determination (Electronics Project)


Inertial sensors and magnetometers are often used for attitude determination of moving platforms. This thesis treats an alternative method; GPS-based attitude determination. By using several GPS-antennas, and with carrier phase measurements Continue reading

A Novel Cloud-based Service Robotics Application to Data Center Environmental Monitoring (Computer Project)


This work presents a robotic application aimed at performing environmental monitoring in data centers. Due to the high energy density managed in data centers, environmental monitoring is crucial for controlling air temperature and humidity throughout Continue reading

An Embedded Real-Time Red Peach Detection System based on an OV7670 Camera, ARM Cortex-M4 Processor and 3D Look-Up Tables (Computer Project)


This work proposes the development of an embedded real-time fruit detection system for future automatic fruit harvesting. The proposed embedded system is based on an ARM Cortex-M4 (STM32F407VGT6) processor and an Omnivision OV7670 color camera. Continue reading