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Building And Experimentally Evaluating a Smart Antenna for Lowpower Wireless Communication (Electronics Project)

In wireless communication there is commonly much unnecessary communication made in directions not pointing towards the recipient. Normally omni directional antennas are being used which sends the same amount of energy in all directions equally. This waste of energy reduces the Continue reading

A Novel Liquid Antenna for Wearable Bio-monitoring Applications (Electronics Project)

The performance of the most commonly used metal antennas close to the human body is one of the limiting factors of the performance of bio-sensors and wireless body area networks (WBAN). Due to the high dielectric and conductivity contrast with respect to most parts of the Continue reading

Development of Microwave/Millimeter-Wave Antennas and Passive Components on Multilayer Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) Technology (Electronics Project)

This thesis discusses the design and development of various prototype microwave and millimeter-wave components on multilayer liquid crystal polymer (LCP) technology. The fundamental objective of this work is to understand LCP’s electrical performance up to Continue reading