Investigation of Antennas for C2C Communication (Electronics Project)

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The road traffic density is continuously increasing. By the intensive use of automobiles, it comes to considerable difficulties and unpredictable events. The frequency of traffic obstructions, traffic jams and accidents will also increase in future.

A solution for this problem would be that the driver would be supplied information when he is on the road. The information should be including about road and traffic conditions and also information about other vehicles, which in the near vicinity.

This kind of information sharing between vehicles is called C2C communication.Especially in Europe there are many projects which are working for different C2C communcation applications, like.

Objective of this thesis is based on former works, which optimized the antenna positions for C2C communication by ray tracing simulation. The investigation of antennas for the C2C communication, two different approches are taken in to account, a narrow band, and broad band.

Investigation of transparent material for broad band is also the part of this thesis.
Source: University of Gävle
Author: Waqas, Abdul

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