A Single-Pixel Wireless Contact Lens Display (Electronics Project)

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We present the design, construction, and in vivo rabbit testing of a wirelessly powered contact lens display. The display consists of an antenna, a 500 x 500 μm2 silicon power harvesting and radio integrated circuit, metal interconnects, insulation layers, and a 750 x 750 μm2 transparent sapphire chip containing a micro-light emitting diode with peak emission at 475 nm, all integrated onto a contact lens.

The display can be powered wirelessly from 1 m in free space and ~2 cm in vivo on a rabbit. The display was tested on live, anesthetized rabbits with no observed adverse effect. In order to extend display capabilities, design and fabrication of micro-Fresnel lenses on a contact lens are presented to pave the way toward a multi-pixel display that can be worn in the form of a contact lens. Contact lenses with integrated micro-Fresnel lenses were also tested on live rabbits and showed no adverse effect.
Source: University of Washington
Authors: A R Lingley, M Ali, Y Liao, R Mirjalili, M Klonner, M Sopanen, S Suihkonen, T Shen, B P Otis, H Lipsanen, and B A Parviz

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