IoT based Smart Vehicle Automation and Control with Enhanced Safety, Security and Traking System using Wireless Sensors Networks (Electronics Project)

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In these modern era transportation is becoming as one of the important need of human. Though it has numerous need, we face lot of problem in it which cost human life. This paper deals with problem which cause accident and also to ensure safety. It deals with vibration sensor to detect the accident through this a alert message to the official person which give GPS location. A mechanism involves to confirm the assurance of locked seat belt. And it also ensure the driver is not get drunken through the alcohol sensor and a proximity sensor is deployed to avoid the collision. Through this driver safety is ensured through the automotive mechanism.


In this project we can safeguard our vehicles through our mobile using Internet of Things technology.

  • Ensuring the safety and security in the transportation services.
  • Live tracking enhances the easy locating of the stolen and accident vehicle.
  • Smart sensors eliminates drunk and drive, obstacle, helmet, seatbelt and accident analysing issues.
  • Cloud integration helps to get the live status updation and remote control of the vehicle from any part of the world.


In this project we can control the vehicle ON/OFF over the cloud using Internet of Things (IoT). We are using the following sensors to achieve this.

  • Ultrasonic Sensor is used to detect the obstacle in front of the vehicle. If there is any obstacle around the vehicle, the vehicle will not switch ON.
  • IR Sensor is used to ON/OFF the vehicle and also to detect if the person is wearing seat belt or helmet.
  • Vibration Sensor detects if any accident happens and the GPS module sends the exact location to the cloud. Hence we can save the person.
  • Gas Sensor is used to detect if the person consumed alcohol or smoked.


Hardware Components

  • Power Supply
  • NodeMCU
  • Gas Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • IR Sensor
  • Vibration Sensor
  • GPS
  • Motor
  • Buzzer

Software Components

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C
  • Android App


Pre-soldered and tested Vehicle Automation Kit with the following components:
NodeMCU, Gas Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, IR Sensor, Vibration Sensor, GPS, Motor and Buzzer.


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