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Applying Model Checking for Verifying the Functional Requirements of a Scania’s Vehicle Control System (Electronics Project)

Model-based development is one of the most significant areas in recent research and development activities in the field of automotive industry. As the field of software engineering is evolving, model based development is gaining more and more importance in academia and industry.

Therefore, it is desirable to have techniques that are able to identify anomalies in system models during the analysis and design phase instead of identifying them in development phase where it is difficult to detect them and a lot of time, effort and resources are required to fix them. Model checking is a formal verification technique that facilitates the identification of defects in system models during early stages of system development. There are a lot of tools in academia and industry that provide the automated support for model checking.

In this study a vehicle control system of Scania the Fuel Level Display System is modeled in two different model checking tools; Simulink Design Verifier and UPPAAL. The requirements that are to be satisfied by the system model are verified by both tools. After verifying the requirements against the system model and checking the model against general design errors, it is established that the model checking can be effectively used for detecting the design errors in early development phases and can help developing better systems. Both the tools are analyzed depending upon the features supported. Moreover, relevance of model checking is studied with respect to ISO 26262 standard.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Sulyman, Muhammad | Ali, Shahid

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