Parking Guidance System Utilizing Wireless Sensor Network and Ultrasonic Sensor (Electronics Project)

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This study introduces a new approach of parking system by using Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology equipped with ultrasonic sensors. The system also implements shortest path algorithm to calculate the shortest distance from the parking berth to the nearest preferred entrance. The system operates by monitoring the availability of the vehicle berth and making the information collected available for patrons and car-park operator.

The information gained from the detection sensor and calculation from the shortest path algorithm is used to guide patrons to parking berth. The car-park operators use the sensors’ information to aid in overall management and planning. WSN is chosen since it enables reliable information gathering and measurement to be transmitted through wireless channel without having to install new cabling for network and electricity to reach each sensing device.
Source: Science Alert
Author: M.Y.I. Idris, E.M. Tamil, N.M. Noor, Z. Razak and K.W. Fong

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