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ICT System Architecture for Smart Energy Container (Electronics Project)

Hybrid Energy Resource System (HERS) is studied and applied around world in recent years. Control and monitor of them are quite important in real application. HERS also has the equipment to integral with power grid such as distribution grid networks.

Therefore, to design and implement the information communication system following IEC 61850, which is most promising standard for design of substation communication and automation system, is necessary.

This paper presents the design of Information Communication Technology (ICT) architecture and Unified Modeling Language (UML) models and final implementation through LabVIEW programming for Smart Energy Container. Applying design following IEC61850 series standards allow the HERS can communicate and interoperate with other IEC61850 devices and SCADA systems.

The implementation is applied to SmartEnergy Container which contains wind power, solar power, battery energy storage system, and hydrogen energy storage system. Verification and testing results shows the design is qualified to control and monitor Smart Energy Container.
Source: KTH
Author: Wu, Yiming

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