Automatic Railway Gate Control & Track Switching (Electronics Project)

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Aim of this project is control the unmanned rail gate automatically using embedded platform. Today often we see news papers very often about the railway accidents happening at un-attended railway gates. Present project is designed to avoid such accidents if implemented in spirit.

This project utilizes two powerful IR transmitter and two receivers, one pair of transmitter and receiver is fixed at upside (from the train comes) at a level higher than human being in exact alignment and similarly other pair is fixed at down side of the train direction sensor activation time is so adjusted by calculating the time taken at a certain speed to cross at least one compartment of standard minimum size of the Indian railway, normally 5 seconds.

The sensors are fixed at 1000 meters on both sides of the gate, we call fore side sensor pair for common towards gate train, and aft side sensors for the train just Crosses the gate. When train cross the fore side sensor it gives signal to the gate receiver to close the gate. The buzzer is activated to clear the gate area for drivers about 5 seconds.

Gate motor is turned on in one direction and gate is closed, and stay closed till train crosses the gate and reaches aft side sensors when aft side receiver get activated motor turns in opposite direction and gate opens and motor stops.

If there is any problem in the gate means it will operate red signal on both side fro the driver indication. Train arrival and departure sensing can be achieved by means of Relay techniques. When the wheels of the train moves over, both tracks are shorted to ground and this acts as a signal to microcontroller (89C51) indicating train arrival. RED signal appears for the road user, once the train cuts the relay sensor placed before the 5Kms before the gate .A buzzer is made on as a pre cautionary measure for the road users.

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