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USB 2.0 Audio device (Electronics Project)

The main task of this project were to develop, hardware and software that could stream audio data via USB 2.0. This project were based on XMOS, USB 2.0 design. In this project we have brought an idea to reality in the form of a finished product. This with verification help from engineers on Syncore technologies. Under the development process the functionality surrounding component databases, provided by Altium designer, were to be evaluated.

To be mentioned is that Altium designer was the software used to develop the PCB in this project. After many hours spent developing, we finally got the hardware and software to behave in the way it was suppose to do. That is, to be able to stream audio data from a high-resolution source(PC/MAC/unit with S/PDIF out, maximum resolution 24-bit 192 kHz). This to both S/PDIF and analog stereo out via RCA-connectors. The sound quality from a possible subjective point of view is very good and we are happy with the result.

We think that the functionality surrounding component databases are convenient in many applications. Not just the fact that you easily can generate an up to date pricing of all components used in a project, you can also shorten the development process. This because the developer don’t have to recreate schematic symbols and footprints that has already been created. Which of course was the fundamental idea behind the database functionality.

These are just a few examples of its advantages. To be considered is the fact that the administration surrounding the component databases can be very time consuming. To take full advantage of Altium designers functionalities we think that it needs a dedicated administrator that maintains the database repository.
Source: Linköping University
Authors: Österberg, Johan | Ekblom, Carl-David

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