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Design of Static Demultiplexing for Digital-TV (Electronics Project)

All digital-TV receivers that are existent on the market today include some sort of a multiplexer which filters the data, the sound and the picture from the digital stream. These de-multiplexers are rather complex and general. The purpose of this study is to develop a de-multiplexer which would solely filter one specific type of information out of the data stream, in our case the name of the network.

The main task of this project contains a close study of MPEG2 and the transport streams in order to find a solution and create a static de-multiplexer. Another part of this project is to choose an adequate method for the control and data communication. We will study the bus protocols I2C and SPI.

Finally we will construct the entire circuit after having chosen the Development Environment, DE and considered all the different circuit designs suitable for our task as well as the working at a low production cost, which is of course an important factor and challenge. The first part of construction will be made in Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language, VHDL, code and once the program is tested and working we will implement it and create the circuit. We will run a test of the final circuit test by filtering a near satellite signal and the get the name of the aimed network.
Source: Linköping University
Author: To, Kam Hung | Mehmedagic, Erna

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