IoT Based Smart Healthcare Kit (Biomedical Project)

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The paper presents the design and implementation of an IOT-based health monitoring system for emergency medical services which can demonstrate collection, integration, and interoperation of IoT data flexibly which can provide support to emergency medical services like Intensive Care Units(ICU), using a INTEL GALILEO 2ND generation development board.

The proposed model enables users to improve health related risks and reduce healthcare costs by collecting, recording, analyzing and sharing large data streams in real time and efficiently. The idea of this project came so to reduce the headache of patient to visit to doc tor every time he need to check his blood pressure, heart beat rate, temperature etc. With the help of this proposal the time of both patients and doctors are saved and doctors can also help in emergency scenario as much as possible.

The proposed outcome of the project is to give proper and efficient medical services to patients by connecting and collecting data information through health status monitors which would include patient’s heart rate, blood pressure and ECG and sends an emergency alert to patient’s doctor with his current status and full medical information.


Cooey Smart Health

Cooey Smart health lets you automatically log your medical data through Bluetooth entitled devices. It takes note of your health by storing, analyzing and sharing your medical records. It also advices you on the smart tips and services based upon your health analysis. It also give you alerts and messages about your health risks. It enables you to remotely monitor the health reports as well as also has the option of connecting yourself to various health service providers like pharma, labs, home care and teleconsulting.

Health Vault by Microsoft

Microsoft Health Vault assists you to gather, store, use, and share health information for you and your loved ones. You can sustain all your health records at one place that’s organized and available to you online (E-Book Keeping) in case of medical emergencies, it is able to keep track of all the details so that you are always alerted about your wellness. It records the data once, and use it with new data to get frequent updates about your health.


Fig.1. System Architecture

Fig.1. System Architecture

We have proposed a robust health monitoring system that is intelligent enough to monitor the patient automatically using IOT that collects the status in formation through these systems which would include patient’s heart rate, blood pressure and ECG and sends an emergency alert to patient’s doctor with his current status and full medical information. This would help the doctor to monitor his patient from anywhere and also to the patient to send his health status directly without visiting to the hospital.

Our model can be deployed at various hospitals and medical institutes. The system uses smart sensors that generates raw data information collected from each sensor and send it to a database server where the data can be further analyzed and statistically maintained to be used by the medical experts. Maintaining a database server is a must so that there is even track of previous medical record of the patient providing a better and improved examining.

Fig 2 Components used

Fig 2 Components used

The brain of our model is the 2nd generation Intel Galileo board, a single board which is based on the Intel Quark SoCX1000, a 32-bit Intel Pentium processor- class system on a chip (SoC). It is Arduino-certificated and designed to be hardware, software, and pin compatible with large range of Arduino Uno R3 shields.

Intel Galileo board is preferred over Arduino because this provides a Linux platform with high processing and computing power with in build Ethernet shield and SD card support. It gets the information. This brain collects the data from all the sensors connected to the patient and uploads this data on the web server via Ethernet. The doctor can keep track of all the patient’s data through the web client.



The model is finally deployed over a normal fit person and her heart rate and temperature details are plotted on a real time graph. An example output of a proposed health monitor device is shown in which the patients personal details are shown and alongside her live heart rate and body temperature is being traced in real time.


The main idea of the proposed system is to provide better and efficient health services to the patients by implementing a networked information cloud so that the experts and doctors could make use of this data and provide a fast and an efficient solution.

The final model will be well equipped with the features where doctor can examine his patient from anywhere and anytime. Emergency scenario to send an emergency mail or message to the doctor with patient’s current status and full medical information can also be worked on.

The proposed model can also be deployed as a mobile app so that the model becomes more mobile and easy to access anywhere across the globe.

Source: Jaypee University
Authors: Punit Gupta | Deepika Agrawal | Jasmeet Chhabra | Pulkit Kumar Dhir

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