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Shockwarner for a Smartphone (Electronics Project)

The Smartphones today are provided with many sensors. The signals from these sensors can be used in different applications. In this project we used a signal from an accelero-meter sensor to detect if the Smartphone is exposed to a hard or soft shock.

The smartphone used in the experiments was a Sony Xperia Z3. The presented experiments are based on that we dropped the Smartphone 190 times, 50% of the experiments were on a hard floor, like a table, and the rest of the experiments were on a soft floor like a sofa.

In the project we developed a shock warning algorithm in MATLAB to detect a hard or a soft shock. The shock Warner also counts the number of shocks the Smartphone has been exposed to. The performance evaluation shows very good results, and combining several evaluation criteria a high performance shock-Warner is obtained .
Source: Blekinge University
Authors: Allouh, Mahmoud | Gomez, Carlos

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