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A Household Robot for Everyday Manipulation in Human Environments (Electronics/Robotics Project)

This paper describes CRAM (Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine) as a software toolbox for the design, the implementation, and the deployment of cognition-enabled autonomous robots performing everyday manipulation activities.

CRAM equips autonomous robots with lightweight reasoning mechanisms that can infer control decisions rather than requiring the decisions to be preprogrammed. This way CRAM-programmed autonomous robots are much more flexible, reliable, and general than control programs that lack such cognitive capabilities.

CRAM does not require the whole domain to be stated explicitly in an abstract knowledge base. Rather, it grounds symbolic expressions in the knowledge representation into the perception and actuation routines and into the essential data structures of the control programs.

In the accompanying video, we show complex mobile manipulation tasks performed by our household robot that were realized using the CRAM infrastructure.
Source: Universitat Bremen
Authors: Michael Beetz, Lorenz Mosenlechner, Moritz Tenorth

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