Bicycle Power Generator Design: Off Grid Energy Solutions (Electronics Project)

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Our goal for this project is to design and implement a bicycle power generator for the DC House Project. The DC House Project is an initiative to bring safe and reliable power to the billions of people around the world without electricity.

This goal will be accomplished by designing a safe and sturdy human powered stationary bicycle that produces DC energy. The DC power generated can be stored via batteries and used by the local population to use for lights and other utilities that many take for granted on a daily basis.

Bicycle Power Generators are not a new idea, with many created by hobbyist for residential use with small scale energy in mind, to charge batteries in case of a power outage or natural disaster. We are looking to expand upon these designs and build a DC generator that will convert human power into electrical power.

The objective is to build a device that is safer and more power efficient. If our product design were to be built and shipped to people across the globe, it would be imperative that it meets all the safety specifications that any national commercial product entails.
Author: Brandon Hayes | Louis Goguely

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