Study of Solar/Biogas Hybrid Power Generation (Electronics Project)

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This thesis proposes a solar photovoltaic and biogas hybrid system for generation of electricity to overcome from global warming effect, economic and statistical impact on prosperity and dependency.

The hybrid system energy has a higher reliability, can be cost effective and improve the quality of live in small town. we will redesign the power system with environment friendly. we will show that India can be great market for its production. At large scale and hybrid system will independently provide a stable power source and daily gas for small towns.

Hybrid power system that aims to increase the system efficiency and increase use of renewable energy based hybrid power system. In order to meet sustained load demands during varying natural conditions, different renewable energy sources need to be integrated with each other like solar, wind, ocean, geothermal, biomass/biogas, Bio diesel, wave energy, fuel cell technologies, waste of energy municipal waste/ liquid waste/Industrial waste, small hydro.

Thus we have seen that biogas is a promising tool for employment generation energy .self sufficiency and reduction of green house gases and recover global warming effect. Energy, Economy & Environment is the three inter-related areas having direct correlation for development of any nation. Per capita energy consumption is an index for development of any nation so we are tries to increase pre capita energy consumption in India with use of renewable energy source.
Source: Thapar University
Author: Singh, Kanwardeep

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    this is very promising, u will meet challenges but stick to it

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