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An Automatic & Robust Vehicle License/Number Plate Recognition System (EEE/ECE Project)

An automatic and robust vehicle license plate recognition system has been developed. The proposed method uses scan line evaluation and averaging method to localize the number plate followed by a border removal mechanism combined with character mending and approximation of character height to extract the number plate characters.

Finally, a template matching approach is used to recognize the characters. A Graphical User Interface has been created and the algorithm is experimented successfully on a variety of real images, both single as well as double line plates. The sample results obtained on testing with various images are also detailed.


The onerousness involved in number plate localization and recognition is very well known in the field of Digital Image Processing and the encumbrance increases as more and more factors are to be taken into consideration. Each vehicle has a unique identification number which is portrayed in its license plate. Number plate recognition system exploits this uniqueness to make it suitable to put in use with a variety of applications such as border crossing monitoring, toll management, parking management etc. With the implementation of such an efficient security system we can put a curb on the increasing crime rate.

But the difficulty in adopting a standard procedure, in approaching this problem, is mainly due to the characteristic features of the number plate which varies widely with the region/area to which the vehicle belongs. This proposed system mainly focuses on number plate localization and character recognition.

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