IOT based Theft Premption and Security System (Electronics Project)

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Internet of things has been governing the electronics era with cloud services dominating the ever increasing electronics product segment. Security and safety has always become a basic necessity for urban population. The paper proposes a novel security system based on Open source cloud server “things” and  a low cost esp8266 Wi-Fi module.

The project includes a PIR module which constantly monitoring the Home or Work space to be monitored. When the PIR module detects a intruder it sends a signal to the Atmega 328p micro controller and the controller  is connected to a Esp8266 wifi module and also to a alarm system.

The System transmits an alert signal to the Open source cloud which provides a alert signal on the users mobile phone. The system employs a second esp8266 module which is programmed to act as a web server, which allows the user to activate or deactivate the security system by means of any device with internet.

The system also employs a thumb print reader rs305 which controls the opening and  the  closing  of  a  safety  locker  door.  Thus  the  system  uses  esp8266  Wi-Fi  module  and  atmega328p  to  control  the security system from the users mobile phone by means of any device with a potential internet connection.



The internet of things is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics software,  sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected services. Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embedded computing system but is able to interoperate within the existing internet infrastructure.

Esp8266 Wifi:

ESP8266 is a WIFI module. This makes putting your sensors on the net actually feasible. There’s a lot of excitement about this sensor on the Internet currently, and people have done an amazing job deciphering the obscure command structure of this device.

There’s a lot of excitement about this sensor on the  Internet currently, and people have done an amazing job deciphering the obscure command structure of this  device.

  • Sending it AT commands from a computer via an USB to serial adapter. This is mostly useful for testing  and setup.
  • Interfacing with 75 ARDUINO or any other microcontoller and using this board as a peripheral.
  • Programming the module directly and use its GPIO pins to talk to your sensors, eliminating the need for a second controller.

Arduino Uno (atmega 328P):

Nowadays, there have been many advancement in the field of Electronics and many cutting edge technologies are being developed every day, but still 8 bit microcontrollers have its own role in the  digital electronics market dominated by 16-32 & 64 bit digital devices.

Rs305 Biometric finger print sensor:

The analysis of fingerprints for matching purposes generally requires the comparison of several features  of the print pattern. These include patterns, which are aggregate characteristics of ridges, and minutia  points, which are unique features found within the patterns.


Block Diagram.

Block Diagram.


The Internet of Things provides access to a broad range of embedded devices and web services. ThingSpeak is an open data platform and API for the Internet of Things that enables you to collect, tore,  analyze , visualize, and act on data from sensors or actuators, such as Arduino, BeagleBone Black, and  other hardware.

For example, with ThingSpeak you can create  sensor-logging  applications,  location-tracking applications, and a social network of things with status updates, so that you could have your  home thermostat control itself based on your current location.

The typical ThingSpeak workflow lets you:

  • Create a Channel and collect data
  • Analyze and Visualize the data
  • Act on the data using any of several Apps


The project “IOT BASED THEFT PREMPTION AND SECURITY SYSTEM” has been successfully designed and tested.  Integrating features of all the hardware components used have developed it. Presence of every module has  been reasoned  out  and placed carefully thus contributing to the best working of the unit. Secondly,  using highly advanced IC’s and with the help of growing technology the project has been successfully implemented.

Embedded systems are emerging as a technology with high potential. In the past decades  microprocessor based embedded system ruled the market. The last decade witnessed the revolution of Microcontroller based embedded systems.. With regards to the requirements gathered the manual work and the complexity in counting can be achieved with the help of electronic devices.


The ongoing research in the field of IoT and its implementation in full or partial manner will definitely improve the quality of life of human civilization Today IOT is being implemented everywhere which is of  human concern like Smart city, smart environment, security and  emergencies, smart business process,  smart agriculture, domestic and home automation and healthcare.

In the near future the system will be  augmented with the parameter monitoring security subsystem. This will supplement to get information about home monitoring , finger print protection, etc. We can give alarm to nearby resident and the owner of the  house in case of theft. This system can be placed in bank lockers, questionnarie room.

Authors: Safa.H |  Sakthi Priyanka.N |  Vikkashini Gokul Priya.S | Vishnupriya.S | Boobalan.T

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