Walking Stick with Heart Attack Detection (ECE/EEE Project)

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The ECG circuitry unit on the wrist captures abnormal heart beat signal from the patient. The micro controller on the stick runs a heart attack algorithm. Warning is given out to the person about his heart condition. The Bluetooth emergency calling system calls for medical help at the moment of heart attack.

This project aims to shorten the time between the moment of heart attack and the arrival of medical personal. The warning before the emergency call will give the patient a chance to avoid heart attack.

Two biosensors worn on the user’s wrists send the real ECG signal to the analog ECG circuitry. The amplified and filtered analog output of the circuitry is converted from analog to digital signal and transmitted to the unit on the walking stick. The ECG circuitry unit, the A/D converter, and the transmitter are worn on one of the user’s wrists. The wireless connection between the unit on the wrist and the main unit on the walking stick gives the user more freedom to move by avoiding wire attachment between the wrist and the stick.

The receiver on the stick receives the digital ECG signal, and the microcontroller runs a heart attack algorithm to detect possible heart attack symptoms. If any symptom of heart attack is detected, the risk level rises. When the risk level reaches up to the emergency mode, the Bluetooth module activates the user’s mobile phone to call 911 for medical help.
Authors: Helen Kim | Choon Yik Lee
Source: University of Illinois

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