Control and Modeling of Plant Growth: A Versatile System for Mineral Nutrient Addition and Feed-back Monitoring (Electronics/Biotechnology Project)

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Studying plants under controlled environmental conditions is a key component of current research. This thesis concentrates on the study of plant growth under nutrient-limiting conditions.

The first objective is the design and construction of a prototype of a system which is able to supply nutrient solutions of prescribed time-dependent concentration to laboratory plants.

The system, once configured via a PC, operates fully automatically without the need for human interference. The hardware setup is made of basic electric components, solenoid pinch valves, mixing pumps and metering pumps while the software is implemented in NI LabVIEW.

In addition a dynamic model of plant growth is deployed for investigating possible influence on growth with help of the designed system. The focus hereby lies on investigating effects on RGR and steady-state growth during the exponential phase of plant growth.
Source: KTH
Author: Wiese, Benjamin

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