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Robo Design to pick everyday objects (IEEE Project)

In this project, you can learn how robotic technology can improve the lives of people with disabilities to help them pick everyday objects. In the laboratory, Lego Mindstorms NXT kits are used to create an artificial arm or hand that can lift small objects, such as a coffee cup.

In the process, you can discover and explore the following concepts and ideas: Hooke’s Law, hysteresis, Newton’s Second Law, accuracy and precision, rapid prototyping, and the relationship between the voltage applied to a motor and its speed.

Author: Sidiq S.Hidayat | Bong Keung Kim | Kohtaro Ohba
Source: Cornell University

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20 comments on “Robo Design to pick everyday objects (IEEE Project)

  1. S.RAMYA said:

    This project very useful to us. But, my seniors did the same concept for the some other use. I thing its for library.
    But, this project very nice.
    Thank you.

  2. prabhu said:

    am from tumkur thanks for giving your information

  3. prabhakaran said:

    this web used for my projet

  4. Mangesh said:

    Ya this is useful mainly for old people who cant even move from one place to other

  5. sureshkumar said:

    ya… its all are very useful

  6. Ranjan Gupta said:

    good projects..

  7. sundar said:

    thank u it is very helpful.

  8. venu said:

    This project very useful to us.its very nice.

  9. anbu said:

    nice and its really very useful and interesting

  10. thomas crish said:

    very interesting, nice project

  11. Dinesh said:

    this web site very useful…….for all engineering students

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