A Power Efficient Active RFID Communication Protocol (ECE/EEE Project)

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Active Radio Frequency Identification (Active RFID) is a wireless automated technology used to identify, track, process and share information about an object or from the environment. As microcontrollers and radio frequency transponders are smaller in size, more power efficient, and less expensive, this technology is growing and starting to expand significantly through all the industries.

This thesis is the continuation to the master project done by Joakim Gustafsson who developed a fully functional active RFID system based on an already designed hardware. The main purpose of continuing with this project was to reduce the power consumption of the active tags for them to last at least one and a half years. In this master project there were no restrictions of changing the hardware, therefore the main protocol tasks were discussed and designed before the hardware, in that way the hardware was optimum for the protocol.

This master thesis required a deep and extensive analysis of the old protocol. There was a need of go deep through the software and hardware in order to come with a better energy efficient solution, and still have the same functionality. This master thesis presents a functional TDMA based protocol which was designed and developed for a specific tracking system application.
Author: Dávila García, Francisco Javier
Source: Jönköping University

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