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Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation for Three-Level Converters: a LabVIEW Implementation (Electrical/Electronics Project)

This study explains the theory and implementation of the Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) using the graphical programming environment LabVIEW as its basis. All renewable energy sources are in need of multilevel power electronics inform of multilevel inverters. The mind behind the pulses created by the inverters is the SVPWM.

This modulation type uses a space vector, referred to as the reference vector, to locate and create the desired sinusoidal-shaped waveform. Using LabVIEW as the software makes it easy to read real-time output from the integrated circuit of the hardware (FPGA). The SVPWM shows good utilization of the DC-link voltage,low current ripple and is relatively easy to implement in the hardware, making it suitable for any high-voltage, high-power application.
Source: Uppsala University
Author: Tolunay, Bengi

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