Dynamic Compensation of the Reactive Energy using a Fuzzy Controller

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Solving the capacitor Allocation problem means in general the determination of the optimal location, allocation sizes and switching times for capacitors to be installed on a distribution feeder. The application of capacitors in electric power system is intended for the control of power flow, improvement of stability, voltage profile management, power factor correction, and loss minimisation. The installation of FACTS devices increases the electrical network controllability. This paper describes a simple approach based on logic concept. Fuzzy logic approach is described, which achieves a logical and feasible economic cost of operation without the need of exact mathematical formulation. The results obtained from the fuzzy logic proved that is it a powerful tool for solving such a non – linear problems.


Shunt capacitors applied at a load-end of a circuit applying a load of lagging power factor have several effects:

• Increases voltage level at the load;

• Improves voltage regulation if the capacitor units are properly switched;

• Reduces I2·R Kilowatt loss;

• Reduces I2·X Kilovar loss;

• Decreases KVA loading on the source generators and circuits to relieve an overloaded condition and to release capacity of additional local growth.

A review of the literature on reactive power compensation in distribution feeders indicates that the problem of Capacitors Allocation has been extensively researched over the past several decades [7-9]. The solution techniques for the Capacitor Allocation problem can be classified into four categories: Analytical, numerical programming, heuristics, and artificial intelligence based. The choice of which method to use depends on: the problem to be solved, the complexity of the problem, the accuracy of desired results. Once these criteria are determined, the appropriate Capacitor Allocation techniques can be chosen.
Author: Belkacem MAHDAD, Tarek BOUKTIR, and Kamel SRAIRI
Source: Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies

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