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A calibration method for laser-triangulating 3D cameras (Electronics Project)

A laser-triangulating range camera uses a laser plane to light an object. If the position of the laser relative to the camera as well as certain properties of the camera is known, it is possible to calculate the coordinates for all points along the profile of the object. If either the object or the camera and laser has a known motion, it is possible to combine several measurements to get a three-dimensional view of the object.

Camera calibration is the process of finding the properties of the camera and enough information about the setup so that the desired coordinates can be calculated. Several methods for camera calibration exist, but this thesis proposes a new method that has the advantages that the objects needed are relatively inexpensive and that only objects in the laser plane need to be observed. Each part of the method is given a thorough description. Several mathematical derivations have also been added as appendices for completeness.

The proposed method is tested using both synthetic and real data. The results show that the method is suitable even when high accuracy is needed. A few suggestions are also made about how the method can be improved further.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Andersson, Robert

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