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EMC Immunity Monitoring of Rbs Using a FPGA Based Instrument (Electronics/Electrical Project)

In this project, Electro Magnetic Compatability (EMC) of a test system for Immunity testing of Ericsson’s LTE radiobase station (RBS) was built using a National Instruments(NI) PXI chassistted with a vector signal transceiver (VST) module and a PC controller module.

A program made in Lab-VIEW and MATLAB was run on the controller module in the PXI chassis. The tasks of the program was, on one hand, to control the VST which was used to record the signal emitted from the RBS and on the other hand, to process the signal and determine its quality by acquiring the bits transmitted.

Functionality enabling the VST to transmit a given signal was also included in the program. The built system performed up to ninety times faster than the old system but lacked turbo decoding necessary to correctly determine bit error ratio (BER)and block error ratio (BLER).The performance of the system leaves room for adding time consuming processes such as turbo-decoding later on and by examining the undecoded bits the signal quality can still be measured. The program handles both1tx and 2tx signals.
Source: Uppsala University
Author: Arfwedson, Viktor

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