Hospital Management in JAVA (Computer Project)

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The Hospital Management System project helps to control the room allocation, appointments, scheduling, medicine, prescriptions, payments, etc. Also, the administrator can register new employees and give the required rights to them. System reports can also be generated.

The downloadable zip file contains all the necessary .java, .class, .jsp and other related files.

Main files of this project are:

  • adminlogin.jsp
  • adminmainpage.jsp
  • systemreport.jsp
  • newuser.jsp
  • patientdetails.jsp
  • healthawareness.jsp
  • newuseradmin.jsp
  • appointmentscheduling.jsp
  • appointmentrescheduling.jsp
  • Rooms.hbm.xml
  • Employees.hbm.xml
  • Appointments.hbm.xml
  • Employees.hbm.xml
  • Doctorfees.hbm.xml

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