Simulation and Control System of a Railroad Track Power Harvesting Device (Mechanical Project)

With the vastness of existing railroad infrastructure, there exist numerous road crossings which are lacking warning light systems and/or crossing gates due to their remoteness from existing electrical infrastructure. Along with lacking warning light systems, these areas also Continue reading

Fuel Pressure Modelling in a Common-Rail Direct Injection System (Mechanical/Electrical Project)

The fuel pressure is one of the central control variables of a modern common-rail injection system. It influences the generation of nitrous oxide and particulate matter emissions, the brake specific fuel consumption of Continue reading

Analysis of a new district heating line: Evaluation of heat losses and hydraulic facilities (Mechanical Project)

The aim of the project is to analyze the enlargement of the district heating line located in Gävle, evaluating the hydraulic facilities and calculating the heat losses with different insulation thicknesses to choose the best insulation thickness for the pipes. To choose the Continue reading