Hotel Management System in VB.Net (Computer Project)

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This project on Hotel Management System has been developed in VB.Net. It has the following features:

  • Guest Checkin, Checkout and Reservation
  • Guest Addition, Updation and Deletion
  • Room Addition, Updation and Deletion

Hotel management system project offers various services. It maintains records of all the customers. We can also book rooms in advance and Discounts can be done through this project. We can monitor available rooms in the hotel.

Main files of this project are:

  • frmCheckin.Designer.vb
  • frmCheckinList.Designer.vb
  • frmCheckinListMonitor.Designer.vb
  • frmCheckout.Designer.vb
  • frmCheckOutList.Designer.vb
  • frmDiscount.resx
  • frmGuest.vb
  • frmLogin.vb
  • frmMain.vb
  • frmReserve.vb
  • frmReserveListMonitor.Designer.vb
  • frmRoom.resx
  • frmRoomListMonitor.resx
  • frmSelectGuest.resx
  • frmSelectRoom.vb
  • module.vb

Download Project Code – Hotel Management System in VB.Net

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