Library Management System Project in Java (Computer Project)

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Library management system is a project which aims in developing a computerized system to maintain all the daily work of a library. The system helps both students and library manager to keep a constant track of all the books available in the library. It allows both the admin and the student to search for the desired book.

The main feature of this system is that all the books available in the library can be displayed in a list so that students need not roam through the entire library to find a book. Additionally, the application effectively maintains the details of users/students to whom books have been issued; it also records the issued date and return date.


  • Add, modify and delete book details into the database.
  • Search feature for finding book availability in library stock.
  • Add students records upon issue of a book.
  • Record issue date, return date, and fine (penalty).
  • Payment system/feature allows the librarian to calculate payment details and print bill.

Modules of Library Management System

  • Book Module
  • Search Module
  • Issue Module
  • Payment Module
  • Reports Module

Software Used

Coding Language: Java
Database: MS Access

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