Dual Band and Dual Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna (Electronics Project)

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In today’s modern communication industry, antennas are the most important components required to create a communication link. Microstrip antennas are the most suited for aerospace and mobile applications because of their low profile, light weight and low power handling capacity. They can be designed in a variety of shapes in order to obtain enhanced gain and bandwidth, dual band and circular polarization to even ultra wideband operation.

The study provides a detailed study of the design of probe-fed Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna to facilitate dual polarized, dual band operation. The design parameters of the antenna have been calculated using the transmission line model and the cavity model. For the simulation process IE3D electromagnetic software which is based on method of moment (MOM) has been used.

The effect of antenna dimensions and substrate parameters on the performance of antenna have been discussed. The antenna has been designed with embedded spur lines and integrated reactive loading for dual band operation with better impedance matching. The designed antenna can be operated at two frequency band with center frequencies 7.62 (with a bandwidth of 11.68%) and 9.37 GHz (with a bandwidth of 9.83%).

A cross slot of unequal length has been inserted so as to have dual polarization. This results in a minor shift in the central frequencies of the two bands to 7.81 and 9.28 GHz. At a frequency of 9.16 GHz, circular polarization has been obtained. So the dual band and dual frequency operation has successfully incorporated into a single patch.
Source: National Institute of Technology Rourkela
Author: Soumya Ranjan Behera

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