Indoor Positioning at Arlanda Airport (Electronics Project)

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Recent years have witnessed remarkable developements in wireless positioning systems to satisfy the need of the market for real-time services. At Arlanda airport in Stockholm, LFV – department of research and developement wanted to invest in an indoor positioning system to deliver services for customers at the correct time and correct place.

In this project, three different technologies, WLAN, Bluetooth, and RFID and their combination are investigated for this purpose. Several approaches are considered and two searching algorithms are compared, namely Trilateration and RF fingerprinting. The proposed approaches should rely on an existing WLAN infrastructure which is already deployed at the airport. The performances of the different considered solutions in the aforementioned approaches are quantified by means of simulations.

This work has shown that RF fingerprinting provide more accurate results than Trilateration algorithm especially in indoor environments, and that infrastructures with a combination of WLAN and Bluetooth technologies result in lower average error if compared to infrastructures that adopt only WLAN.
Source: KTH
Author: Al Rifai, Ahmad

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