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Vision-Based Eye-Gaze Tracking for Human Computer Interface (Electronics Project)

Human-computer interaction has become an increasingly important part of our daily lives. The movement of user’s eyes can provide a convenient, natural and high-bandwidth source of input. By tracking the direction of gaze of the user, the bandwidth of communication from the user to the computer can be increased by using the information about what the user is looking at, and even designing objects specially intended for the user to look at.

A variety of eye-gaze (eye-movement) tracking techniques have been reported in the literature. A short list includes Electra-Oculography, Limbus, Pupil and Eyelid Tracking, Contact Lens Method, Cornea1 and Pupil Reflection Relationship, Purkinje Image Tracking, Artificial Neural Networks and Head Movement Measurement.

Computer vision is intrinsically non-intrusive, and does not require any overly expensive equipment. Nonobtrusive sensing technology – such as video cameras and microphones – has received special attention in this regard. This paper draws on computer vision and image processing techniques for measuring eye-gaze.

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