Content Visualization of GeoAudio Notes (Computer Project)

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The total population of GPS-enabled location-based services (LBS) subscribers is constantly increasing. This fact implies new research possibilities for visualizing geospatial data produced by these mobile devices.

The aim of this thesis is to explore novel techniques and methods to visualize the content of voice notes (messages recorded by users on GPS-enabled devices) that will be placed in maps using GPS coordinates, and visualize the semantical, temporal, and spatial relations between the notes. Our research is part of the Geovisualization field which deals with geospatial data.

Based on our research and analyzes of this problem, we combined different visualization and interaction techniques, thus providing a novel approach to achieve the research aim. We have built a prototype application, called GNV System (GeoAudio Notes Visualization System), that demonstrates our achievements.

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In 2011, the total population of GPS-enabled location-based services(LBS) subscribers will reach 315 million, up from 12 million in 2006, according to ABI Research. This estimation stresses the necessity to research new possibilities of visualizing geospatial data produced by these mobile devices.

If we go back and analyze the field of geographic visualization, we see that it has been used long time ago in history. The earliest examples of geographic visualization date back to the stoneage with map-like wall paintings depicting the surroundings of our ancestors.

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Source: Växjö University
Authors: Jusufi, Ilir | Junuzi, Lulzim

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