Simple Railway Reservation System

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For journey of longer distances though we have airways most of the people use the railways, which is most convenient, affordable means of transport in India.

So keeping this in view, the reservation of railways is a most important task and it must be faster and efficient as the demand (travellers) is very high. In order to meet this demand, manual reservation is completely ruled out and it requires an efficient program to implement the online reservation.

This program enables us to choose the train even there is no necessary to fill a form at the railway reservation counter, i.e. we can directly select from the choices provided for us with train numbers and their origin, departure time, destination & arrival time at that station and the class to travel in.

If there is any concession we can also avail it and then program gives us the final output as train ticket with the amount to be paid. It is completely developed in C languace without using graphics. But through VDU basics we acheived the colours in it. This simplifies the risks and makes things faster in the mode of railways!!!!

Download Simple Railway Reservation System Source Code and PPT

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