Payroll Management System Using PHP and MySQL (Computer Project)

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Payroll is a method of administering employee’s salaries in an organization. The process consist of calculation of employee salaries and tax deductions, administrating employee benefits and payment of salaries. Our Payroll Management System is fully integrated with accounts and gives the benefits of simplified payroll processing and accounting.

This system deals with the financial aspects of employee’s Salary, Deductions, allowances, Net pay. The user can view the account of each and every employee’s and update their payments, and the user can also manage deductions, modify overtime and salary rate. The data is the most important thing in any organization and so it is done in secure manner.


  • Login System
  • Add, Edit, Remove, View Employees record
  • Manage Bonus and Deductions
  • List Income
  • Manage Over Time and Salary Rates

Modules of Payroll Management System

  • Login Module
  • Employee Module
  • Deductions Module

Software Used

Coding Language: PHP
Database: MySQL

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