RGCA: A Reliable GPU Cluster Architecture for Large-Scale Internet of Things Computing based on Effective Performance-Energy Optimization (Electrical/Electronics Project)


This paper aims to develop a low-cost, high-performance and high-reliability computing system to process large-scale data using common data mining algorithms in the Internet of Things (IoT) computing environment. Considering the characteristics of Continue reading

Automatic Generation of Web Applications and Management System (Computer Project)


One of the major difficulties in web application design is the tediousness of constructing new web pages from scratch. For traditional web application projects, the web application designers usually design and implement web application projects step by step, in detail.

My project is called “automatic generation of web applications and management system.” Continue reading

A GSM, WSN and Embedded Web Server Architecture for Internet based Kitchen Monitoring System (Electronics/Computer Project)


The design and development of a smart monitoring and controlling system for kitchen environment in real time has been reported in this paper. The system principally monitors kitchen environment parameters such as light intensity, room Continue reading