An Android Application for Tracking College Bus using Google Map (Computer Project)

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GPS tracking device receives signals from the GPS satellites whereby each satellite knows the  exact distance from the other satellites in its proximity. Depending on the time it takes for a signal to reach the device from each satellite, the  GPS receiver can calculate its exact location on the ground. The GPS tracking device can then route that information back to an online tracking system for mapping.

The main aim of this Android application is to track the college buses of St. Peter’s College of Engineering and Technology in Chennai city which would give the exact location of buses with the help of Google map and help the  users to plan their way to reach their college  on time. This application  may be greatly used by college students and staffs since Android mobiles has become common and spread everywhere. In addition, this will also enhance the security since the movement of the college buses is always available.



Land Vehicle Tracking Application on Android Platform is done to solve the issues like accidents, traffics, vehicle theft etc. It tracks vehicles through android application using  GPS to find out where a bus is using a web application which requires login of administrator. This web application intimates the administrator and people sitting in bus to come in front for their stop.

The web application developed only provides route of the  bus but no exact location. Bus Locator via SMS using Android Application sends current location of the bus to the server at specific pick up point. Then the server sends SMS to registered students who are supposed to  board at Next pick up point. Here the mobile phone is used as a GPS receiver.


GPS Based Vehicle Navigation System using Google Maps mainly focuses on developing an enhancement of GPS based vehicle navigation system using Google Map. This project helps to locate the routes in which buses are travelling and displays the  bus position in Google map.

The motion of the vehicle is traced continuously and the message is send to the owner of the vehicle on demand or automatically. Here both GPS and GPRS are used but the movement of the vehicle is not displayed.Android Application for Vehicle Theft Prevention and Tracking System provides the information like location, speed; distance travelled etc., can be viewed on Google Map with the help of API via internet.


Existing System:

The existing system has some of the drawbacks like

  • The exact position of the vehicle cannot be retrieved.
  • This application mainly used only by owners and administrator.
  • The bus location cannot be retrieved from anywhere.
  • The movement of the bus is also not visible in the Google map.

Proposed System:

The proposed system provides the user to find exact location of the bus from where they are. The bus routes are displayed in the user interface so the users can select the bus route which they want to travel. The position of the bus is displayed in the Google map.

The proposed system provides following advantages:

  • It provides exact position in Google map.
  • The details of the bus can be seen by everyone at anytime and anywhere.
  • This also enhances security because the movement of the bus is always available


System Architecture:

The three modules in our project are

  • Registration
  • Bus tracking
  • Route finding

Module Description:


This module is provided for the user to register themselves with details such as name, password, confirm password, email id, mobile number as shown in the figure 2 and use the application for tracking the college bus.

Figure 2. User Registration.

Figure 2. User Registration.

Bus Tracking Module

In this module when the bus route is selected the appropriate bus is found using the IP address of that particular bus. Then the location of the bus is tracked using its latitude and longitude. Corresponding to the bus movement the change in latitude and longitude are updated in the database for every minute.

Figure 3. Bus Routes.

Figure 3. Bus Routes.

Route Finding Module

In this module the updated latitude and longitude value in the database is used to find the exact location of the bus using Google map.


This paper presents the bus tracking application using smart phones. The application consists  of both the transmitter and receiver inbuilt in mobile phones. The transmitter is used to transmit the location and vehicle status in formation to the server.

The receiver is the user who can view the details regarding the bus location using his smart phone via Google map. Due to the movement of bus is always available this project can also ensure security by keeping track of the bus. So in the coming year it is going to play a major role in our day to day living.


The future enhancement for this project is to make the application online for finding the  current location of the bus. We are also planning to fix a GPS device  on  every  bus  so  that  it is not essential for the driver to have a n Android  phone. Due to availability of android phones and GPS devices it is going to stay for long in the future.

Source: St. Peter’s College of Engineering and Technology
Authors: S. Priya | B. Prabhavathi | P. Shanmuga Priya | B. Shanthini

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