Image Processing in Java

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Image processing tools are being rapidly developed for different operating system platforms. These tools are usually big in size, not completely portable across different platforms and lack an ability to be efficiently fielded on the Internet.

The purpose of this project is to research current image processing tools and create a simple, easy and flexible image processing widget based on the Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) API. This widget will address the above-mentioned general problems associated with most image processing tools.
Some popular image processing applications are discussed, including their strengths and weaknesses and their popularity. This is followed by a more detailed discussion on creating a java widget based on JAI. The features that make this widget easy to use to the average user, as well as any software developer wanting to expand it, are discussed. Further advantages and disadvantages of this widget are also discussed.

This is followed by a specification for such a widget. This specification is developed into a design and finally implemented.
Author – Riyaz Mansoor
Source – The University of Queensland

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Image Processing in Java” - 2 Comments

  1. P.Ragaa shree said:

    i need visualcryptography source code in java

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    @ Ragaa Shree
    You can request for CSE/IT projects at CSE/IT Projects forum so that the forum moderators or members could help you

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