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Avoiding Cracks between Terrain Segments in a Visual Terrain Database (Computer Project)

To be able to run a flight simulator a large area of terrain needs to be visualized. The simulator must update the screen in real-time to make the simulation work well. One way of managing large terrains is to tile the area into quadratic tiles to be able to work with different detailed representations of the terrain at different distances from the user.

The tiles need to match with the adjacent tiles in the edge points to avoid cracks. When every tile can have a number of different levels of detail this means that the different levels of detail need to match too.

This was previously done by having the same edge points in all levels of detail, giving an unnecessarily large polygon count in the less detailed levels. The method developed in this report uses different versions of borders with their own level of detail, adapting to different detail levels at the adjacent tile, reducing the number of polygons.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Holst, Hanna

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