Mini-UAV based Sensory System for Measuring Environmental Variables in Greenhouses (Electrical/Electronics Project)


This paper describes the design, construction and validation of a mobile sensory platform for greenhouse monitoring. The complete system consists of a sensory system on board a small quadrotor (i.e., a four rotor mini-UAV). The goals of this system include Continue reading

Using a Random Secret Pre-Distribution Scheme to Implement Message Authentication in VANETs (Electrical/Electronics Project)


In recent years, the development of the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) has increased the popularity of vehicular ad hoc networks (VANET). A VANET is designed to enable vehicles to exchange information a bout traffic or vehicle conditions Continue reading

SVANET: A Smart Vehicular Ad Hoc Network for Efficient Data Transmission with Wireless Sensors (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Wireless sensors can sense any event, such as accidents, as well as icy roads, and can forward the rescue/warning messages through intermediate vehicles for any necessary help. In this paper, we propose a smart vehicular ad hoc network (SVANET) architecture Continue reading

Eyes of Things (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Embedded systems control and monitor a great deal of our reality. While some “classic” features are intrinsically necessary, such as low power consumption, rugged operating ranges, fast response and low cost, these systems have evolved in the last few years Continue reading

How to Wrestle the Dragon to Overcome the Great Wall: A Case Study on How Swedish SME’s Handle Institutional Barriers in China (Management Project)

During the past decade there have been a large increase of Swedish companies entering the Chinese market. It has been explained that entering the Chinese market can be the biggest challenge a firm will face. It has therefore been of Continue reading

Real-Time and High-Accuracy Arctangent Computation Using CORDIC and Fast Magnitude Estimation (Electrical/Electronics Project)


This paper presents an improved VLSI (Very Large Scale of Integration) architecture for real-time and high-accuracy computation of trigonometric functions with fixed-point arithmetic, particularly arctangent using CORDIC Continue reading

A General-Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU)-Accelerated Robotic Controller Using a Low Power Mobile Platform (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Robotic controllers have to execute various complex independent tasks repeatedly. Massive processing power is required by the motion controllers to compute the solution of these computationally intensive algorithms. General-purpose graphics processing Continue reading

Resource Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks (Electrical/Electronics Project)


In heterogeneous wireless sensor networks (HWSNs) such as HPWREN, the sensed data needs to be routed through multiple hops before reaching the main high-bandwidth data links. The routing is done by battery-powered nodes using license free radios Continue reading

Selecting/realization of Virtual Private Networks with Multiprotocol Label Switching or Virtual Local Area Networks (Electronics Project)

Many reports have been written about the techniques behind Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). They usually deal with the low level design of the software implementing a specific technique. The initial products are usually Continue reading