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A Framework for Realistic 3D Tele-Immersion (Computer/Electronics Project)

Meeting, socializing and conversing online with a group of people using teleconferencing systems is still quite dfferent from the experience of meeting face to face. We are abruptly aware that we are online and that the people we are engaging with are not in close proximity.

Analogous to how talking on the telephone does not replicate the experience of talking in person. Several causes for these differences have been identified and we propose inspiring and innovative solutions to these hurdles in attempt to provide a more realistic, believable and engaging online conversational experience. We present the distributed and scalable framework REVERIE that provides a balanced mix of these solutions.

Applications build on top of the REVERIE framework will be able to provide interactive, immersive, photo-realistic experiences to a multitude of users that for them will feel much more similar to having face to face meetings than the experience offered by conventional teleconferencing systems.
Source: Universitat Bremen
Authors: P. Fechteler | A. Hilsmann | P. Eisert | S.V. Broeck | C. Stevens | J. Wall | M. Sanna | D. A. Mauro | F. Kuijk | R. Mekuria | P. Cesar | D. Monaghan | N.E. O Connor | P. Daras | D. Alexiadis | T. Zahariadis

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