Rich Internet Applications for the Enterprise: A comparative study of WebWork and Java Web Start (Computer Project)

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Web applications initially became popular much thanks to low deployment costs and programming simplicity. However, as business requirements grow more complex, limitations in the web programming model might become evident.

With the advent of techniques such as AJAX, the bar has been raised for what users have come to expect from web applications.

However, although web application development often starts off simple, limitations in the web programming model might start to show when the business requirements become more complex. To successfully implement large-scale web application, software developers need to have knowledge of a big set of complementary technologies.

This study describes the implementation of a prototype of a central hotel property management system using web technologies. These technologies are then compared to an alternative set of technologies, which are used for implementing a second prototype; a stand-alone desktop client distributed using Java Web Start.

The study highlights some of the current problems with the web programming model and shows how the user experience can be improved by instead using desktop technologies.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Jönsson, Emil

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