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Design and Implementation of a Wi-Fi Based Home Automation System (Computer/Electronics Project)

This paper presents a design and prototype implementation of new home automation system that uses WiFi technology as a network infrastructure connecting its parts. The proposed system consists of two main components; the first part is the server (web server), which presents system core that manages, controls, and monitors users’ home.

Users and system administrator can locally (LAN) or remotely (internet) manage and control system code. Second part is hardware interface module, which provides appropriate interface to sensors and actuator of home automation system.

Unlike most of available home automation system in the market the proposed system is scalable that one server can manage many hardware interface modules as long as it exists on WiFi network coverage. System supports a wide range of home automation devices like power management components, and security components.

The proposed system is better from the scalability and flexibility point of view than the commercially available home automation systems.
Source: WASET
Author: Ahmed ElShafee | Karim Alaa Hamed

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