Exploiting Presence (Computer Project)

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By exploiting context awareness, traditional applications can be extended to offer better quality or new functions. Utilizing a context-aware infrastructure, a variety of context information is merged and processed to produce information that is useful to applications. Applications exploiting such context can provide more intelligent and creative services to end users.

This study examines two ways to make use of a user’s location along with room occupancy information in context aware applications: a Context Agent and a Call Secretary. In the former case, the application subscribes to room occupancy information via a context server, and provides a Meeting Room Booking System with “real-time” information about the utilization of the rooms which the room booking system is to manage.

The Call Secretary acquires both location and room occupancy information from a server. When the user is in one of the meeting rooms and multiple people are present, then this is interpreted as the user being in a meeting — therefore it triggers a CPL module in a SIP proxy to redirect the user’s incoming call to their voice mail box. A description of the implementation of these two applications will be presented along with an evaluation of these applications’ performance.

The evaluation of the Context Agent showed that it was straightforward to integrate information from a presence source and to extend the meeting room booking system to use this information. The Call Secretary needs a more reliable source for the user’s location. However, given this location the Call Secretary provides the service which the user expects.
Source: KTH
Author: Wang, Ke

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