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Cross platform applications with HTML5 (Computer Project)

This study was made for Cybercom in Ostersund. They wanted an evaluation of HTML5 cross platform applications which studied HTML5 features as well as JavaScript libraries and frameworks. The resources put into mobile application development can be reduced by making applications that can work on all platforms instead of only natively.

These types of applications are called cross platform applications and can be developed with specific tools.One way to develop cross platform applications is by using HTML5, which can either be used as a web application or packed into native applications using plug-ins. The purpose of this study was to create a mobile web app that can save maps to be used online. The work was done by evaluating frameworks for web applications.

Frameworks that provide user interface elements and features similar to those in native applications, and libraries that render maps served by map servers. Development environments for web development were also tested and evaluated. The results of the research and development were documented experience, and a HTML5 application that shows a map, has GPS functionality and can be used online.
Author: Svedestedt, Hampus
Source: Umeå University

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